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How to keep your office space tidy

Posted on May 2nd, 2022

Having an office space is great, whether it’s a designed space at home or at your company’s headquarters. However, having an extra bit of space also means it can get a bit messy. If you struggle with keeping your office tidy, this blog article is for you. Having a cluttered desk has plenty of downfalls. […]


Posted on April 2nd, 2022

After a long and cold winter, it’s finally April and the weather is getting a little bit warmer. The trees are blossoming, and the sun is shining. When the air is not so cold, you want to open the windows and let the warm air into your house. But to really refresh your house, opening […]

How to start the new year off right

Posted on January 6th, 2022

Every new year we want to start it off right and we make resolutions we end up not following. We think of the new year as an occasion to reinvent ourselves, which we totally can, but maybe instead of making big plans, we could start small instead. This way, it’s easier to achieve what we […]


Posted on December 6th, 2021

Shopping for Christmas decorations is very exciting. You want new baubles for your tree, and you have decided on a specific colour palette. You want the tree to match your new garland, and you can’t get enough of LED fairy lights and Christmas candles to give your house that extra cosiness. It’s a lot of […]

What’s great about Sutton Coldfield?

Posted on November 5th, 2021

Sutton Coldfield is a town in the suburbs of Birmingham, West Midlands. Also known as Sutton or Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, it’s considered the most affluent area in the county, with low crime rate and low level of unemployment. Whether you’re spending the weekend around the area or you’re about to move to Sutton, […]

Domestic self-storage during COVID-19

Posted on October 1st, 2021

As a result of the global growth the self-storage sector is experiencing, its expected value by 2026 stands at £4.10 billion in Europe alone. In 2019, the Self-Storage Association (SSA) reported that there are over 1500 self-storage facilities in the UK, for both domestic and business purposes. Although this number is smaller when compared to […]

What to keep when you leave home?

Posted on September 1st, 2021

You’re moving out of your parent’s house and into your first home or maybe you are moving into Uni halls… but you don’t know what to take and what do you leave? Don’t worry, you are not alone! We can guarantee that everyone has had to think about the ‘what do I take with me’ […]

Creative ways to use a self-storage unit

Posted on August 2nd, 2021

A storage unit is the perfect solution to tackle an overcrowded garage or shed. It’s ideal for storing your belongings when in the process of moving house, or to simply keep things safe that you don’t currently have the room for. However, we’ve seen many of our customers really think outside the box when it […]

Latest Coronavirus Update 2021

Posted on July 21st, 2021

At Cookes, the health and well-being of our customers and colleagues is and always has been our number one priority. Safety for everyone.Our store is generally low intensity in terms of use. Nevertheless, we have conducted a risk assessment as per the latest Government guidance and have taken appropriate measures to ensure our store is […]

Get summer sorted with student storage

Posted on July 5th, 2021

Summer holidays are right around the corner, which usually signals another move for students. Whether you have finished your studies or will be returning next semester for another year, most halls accommodation requires students to vacate over the holidays. For those who are returning, the logistics of transporting a year’s worth of stuff across the […]

Is Self Storage Expensive?

Posted on June 1st, 2021

Self storage is a valuable service that allows individuals to securely store their belongings away from their home or office. Whether you are moving house and need a temporary solution or wish to store important files over a long period of time, you can find a storage solution to suit. Some people consider self storage […]

How to make moving house hassle-free!

Posted on May 3rd, 2021

Moving house is a momentous occasion that we all face at some point in life, whether that is to head off to university or to leaving home to live with friends or partners. As exciting as it seems starting out, merging the possessions of two or more people can prove to be more than a […]

How can self storage help your E-commerce businesses?

Posted on April 1st, 2021

Are you one of the many people supplementing their income by selling goods on Ebay and Amazon? Or would you like to be? Whilst starting off storing your goods at home is perfectly OK, more and more people are using self storage services for their home businesses. Why? Take a look at some of the […]

Simple, natural cleaning tips for your home.

Posted on March 1st, 2021

It’s that time of the year to start spring cleaning, and it’s a task many of us dread. There are plenty of great ways to reduce the effort though, so we thought we’d save you some time and scour the internet for the best in cleaning tips using some natural home ingredients. Sparkling windows You […]

Is working from home affecting your health?

Posted on February 1st, 2021

The home business lifestyle sounds wonderful to so many of us. Flexibility to take a day off whenever we want, working from coffee shops or sitting in the glorious British sunshine and meeting with clients – it all sounds so perfect. The reality is often quite different. Many small business owners find themselves working far […]

10 De-Cluttering Solutions for your home

Posted on January 12th, 2021

Even the most organised of households will need to de-clutter once in a while, whether it be once a year or every couple of months. Everybody builds up a collection of things that they don’t need; from clothes that don’t fit any more to unopened birthday presents. If you want to de-clutter your home then […]

Our opening hours for Christmas 2020

Posted on December 11th, 2020

As Christmas is fast approaching, we wanted to share with you our opening hours. You can access your unit at any different times over the Christmas period, so please do check if the facility is open before arriving. Reception Opening Hours; Even the Cookes Self Storage elves need a bit of time to eat turkey – here’s […]

We are still open for business!

Posted on November 3rd, 2020

At Cookes Storage Service, the health and well-being of our customers and colleagues is our number one priority. Following the latest government announcements regarding the national lockdown, we would like to confirm what this means for the self storage industry. This time around we are much more informed and have been able to react much […]

‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’

Posted on November 2nd, 2020

Did you start the year off with every intention of being organised, being on time, and finding a better hiding place for presents rather than the boot of your car? Every year, many of us will say ‘I will be more organised this Christmas’ but every year Christmas comes around with bang, and organisation is […]

Top 5 most collectible items

Posted on August 28th, 2020

We love collecting – it’s a popular pastime for hobbyists and serious collectors alike. Here’s our favourite things to collect.

Setting up your own online shop

Posted on August 5th, 2020

Planning your own online business? Choosing where to launch your e-commerce shop is just the first step, but an important one. Read on to see how we help.

Top tips for reducing stress on moving day

Posted on July 6th, 2020

If your house has sold and you are preparing for moving day, you probably already have a lot on your mind. Make moving day less stressful with our top tips.

What could you do with a spare room?

Posted on June 4th, 2020

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you had a little more space in your home? How about if you had a whole extra room?

Making the perfect home office space

Posted on May 5th, 2020

Running a business from home has always been a bit stressful, but recently we’ve faced even more challenges. Now might be a good time for a home office revamp.

The benefits of container gardening

Posted on March 31st, 2020

Are you looking for things to do at home this spring? Container gardening is fun, healthy and the kids can get involved too. You don’t need much to get started.

How self-storage can benefit your business

Posted on March 1st, 2020

Self storage units can have great benefits for your business, no matter your size. Save money, reduce damages and keep clutter out of your home.

8 ideas for children’s storage

Posted on February 1st, 2020

As every parent knows, keeping a child’s room tidy is a futile task. Toys for younger children seem to consist of hundreds of plastic pieces, which get smaller as your child gets bigger. Art supplies, books, soft toys – everything soon spreads across the room, and as they approach their teens you can add in […]

Be inspired this year with a new work environment

Posted on January 6th, 2020

Start off the new year with a fresh new workspace and keep your mood lifted through the winter months.

What’s on this Christmas in and around Sutton Coldfield?

Posted on December 3rd, 2019

There is plenty fo festive fun to be found in Sutton Coldfield and the Midlands this Christmas. We’ve picked out just a few of the events taking place.

Seven reasons more people are using self-storage

Posted on November 4th, 2019

Self-storage is becoming more popular in the UK with homeowners and business owners. Find out why.

Are you using self-storage for your Christmas stock?

Posted on October 3rd, 2019

Are you using self-storage to give you more room for your seasonal stock? Avoid negative reviews and maximise profits this Christmas with Cookes Storage.

What to do when you inherit a house

Posted on September 1st, 2019

Losing a family member is a deeply emotional time. Sadly, we often don’t get a chance to really grieve before we’re plunged into dealing with the necessary paperwork and organising that comes with it. If you’ve inherited a house full of stuff, you’ve got even more to sort out. However, this is one place where […]

Giving entrepreneurs a chance to thrive

Posted on August 8th, 2019

A man in Banners Gate who started a small business from home eight years ago has recently secured a massive contract with Halfords Auto Centres, providing 450 branches around the UK with roller shutters, industrial doors, and door systems. Currently employing 25 local people in a business worth more than £3.5 million, Paul Campbell (52), […]

How to pack your storage unit

Posted on July 8th, 2019

Make the most of the space in your self storage unit by planning ahead. Read on for advice on how to pack your unit.

Packing your kitchen for a house move

Posted on June 5th, 2019

When you are moving home, packing the kitchen is one of the biggest jobs. Read on for our packing tips to avoid breakages.

Delicious days out in Sutton Coldfield

Posted on May 6th, 2019

Sutton Coldfield has an abundance of restaurants, cafes and bistros to try. Read on to find just a few of the ones you recommend.

How to prepare your house for sale

Posted on March 28th, 2019

Are you planning to sell your house this spring? Read our tips to make sure your home is looking its very best for viewers.

Joining the Buddy Bag Brigade

Posted on March 4th, 2019

We teamed up with Ecomaster to support the Buddy Bag Foundation. Want to help this local charity support children in emergency accommodation? Read on.

Make the most of your office space

Posted on February 5th, 2019

Did you start 2019 with good intentions around working smarter? Your work space has a big impact on concentration. Read on to see how to be more focused.

Cookes – A family business that works with you.

Posted on December 31st, 2018

When you look for a self-storage unit to start up your business, keep your stock or to just move your furniture into for a short time, you probably don’t think much further than the cost. But there’s more to finding the right unit that meets the eye. If you’re familiar with the Cookes brand, you’ll […]

We’re having a party, and you’re invited.

Posted on November 13th, 2018

This November is Cookes Storage’s 3rd birthday – and what a fabulous 3 years it has been. We’ve grown. In 2015 we opened with a single floor of units, 98 in all. This year we’ve completed our expansion to open our 301st unit. We’ve not only grown in size, we doubled our staff too. But […]

Forget about the spring clean – it’s time for the winter declutter

Posted on October 17th, 2018

Move over spring clean, that time has gone. Now we’re planning ahead for the long winter to come. There’re plenty of things to do to prepare our homes for winter, not least those chores we all try to avoid, like clearing out the gutters, filling the log store and insulating the pipes. Not all jobs […]

Businesses that you can run from a storage unit

Posted on September 10th, 2018

Deciding to branch out on your own in business and becoming self-employed can be a daunting, but equally exciting experience. There’s a few things you need to consider. Getting your finances in order, employing a good accountant, getting your marketing and branding correct – and finding the right base to work from. If your business […]

Choosing the right cleaner for your office and home

Posted on August 14th, 2018

Whether at work or at home, your environment is much more pleasant if it is clean and organised. Whenever an office is disorganised or is in need of a good deep clean, there can be a negative impact on the business, as workers become unhappy and the company becomes a lot less streamlined and productive. […]

Stuck in a nightmare housing chain? Here’s how to get out faster.

Posted on July 20th, 2018

Moving this summer but stuck in a nightmare housing chain? Here are some stress free options to moving that won’t break the bank! We all know there are some life events that can be stressful. From beginning a new job, to starting a family and then, of course, getting married. But near the top of […]

Moving to Sutton Coldfield

Posted on June 30th, 2018

The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield is a picturesque and affluent town in the West Midlands, just 7 miles from Birmingham City and near to the City of Lichfield. If you’re thinking of moving to Sutton Coldfield – locally referred to as Sutton – then here is what you need to know. History of Sutton […]

Summer clean your home – a hackers guide

Posted on June 3rd, 2018

The weather may be hotting up, and we’re officially heading into summer. If, like us, you didn’t manage to get round to that essential spring clean, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time. Here’s our top tips to hack the clean so it won’t take up that valuable summer time and allow you to spend […]

Bedroom storage to transform your space

Posted on May 8th, 2018

The bedroom should be a place of sanctuary and relaxation where we recharge for the busy week ahead. But with many of us being time poor and juggling a hundred jobs at once, it can be hard to keep order and make sure your room doesn’t feel like it’s a storage area for clothes, rather […]

Essential camping gear for new campers

Posted on April 3rd, 2018

As the weather hints at warmer days to come we see an increase in camping enthusiasts collecting their gear from storage. It’s time to prepare for the season by checking through equipment, replacing anything that’s damaged and trying out the latest outdoor gadgets. As experienced campers will tell you, once you fall in love with […]

Places to visit this spring in the West Midlands

Posted on March 5th, 2018

Despite the month ending in storms, there are signs that spring is on the way. Snowdrops and daffodils are poking green shoots up through the snow and there are more birds about, ready to start building their nests. After a long cold winter we’re all ready to get out and about – some fresh air, […]

Preparing your business archiving for self storage

Posted on February 5th, 2018

Although we all use computers in business today, many industries still generate large amounts of paper records – much of which has to be kept for long periods of time. Financial, legal, insurance and medical records, as well as tax records, architectural drawings and project information – whatever your industry, you probably have a lot of […]

Growing your eBay business – a new challenge

Posted on January 2nd, 2018

Fresh starts, new beginnings and plenty of vigour – the new year beckons with potential. So many people will be thinking about a change in their career or starting a business right now, we thought it would be a great time to introduce one of the amazing entrepreneurs who is growing a business right here […]

Christmas Opening Hours 2017

Posted on December 7th, 2017

The Cookes Storage Service opening hours over the Christmas period are as follows: 23rd December: 9am to 5pm 24th December: 10am to 2pm 25th December: CLOSED 26th December: CLOSED 27th – 31st December: 10am to 4pm 1st January: CLOSED 2nd January: Normal Operating Hours If you require access outside of these operating hours please give us a […]

Top tips for successful eBay sellers

Posted on December 1st, 2017

Can you believe eBay has been around for over 20 years? It’s a huge marketplace, providing sellers with access to a worldwide audience of customers. EBay allows small companies and sole traders to set up shop alongside high street brands and compete more evenly. Of course, the bigger shops still have some advantages – with […]

Giving a helping hand this Christmas

Posted on November 1st, 2017

You may already know that at Cookes we love to work with local businesses to help them grow, but you may not know that we also do what we can to support small charities as well. It’s possibly not something you’ve thought about, but charities are often recipients of large amounts of donations, and they […]

Top tips for sharing a house

Posted on October 4th, 2017

Sharing a house with another person can be exciting, but leaves plenty of room for tension as well. Whether you’re leaving home for the first time, sharing with friends or moving in with a partner, there’s a few tips to making sure your new home doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Sharing money Money is always […]

Preparing your garden for autumn

Posted on September 1st, 2017

As the children head off back to school, it does start to feel like summer is over. The official end of summer isn’t actually until 22 September – which means there’s still time to enjoy the last bit of sunshine, and start getting your garden ready for autumn.   Enjoy the summer harvest All of […]

With storage units offering business services, why choose anyone else?

Posted on July 26th, 2017

You might think that working for a storage company doesn’t involve a great deal of customer interaction. Visit Cookes Storage and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s a hub for business, full of friendly chatter and a cup of coffee always on hand for visitors. That’s because storage in the UK is a rapidly growing entity, […]

How self storage helps your small business grow

Posted on June 28th, 2017

We are a nation of entrepreneurs – over 99% of businesses in the UK are classed as an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise). Around 76% of these are single person businesses – and that number grows almost every year. Here at Cookes we know all about being a small business – after all, our sister […]

Keeping your home safe and secure

Posted on June 2nd, 2017

Have you ever wondered how secure your home is? With rising concerns over burglaries, homeowners need to be a little more savvy in taking care these days. The police say that homes with no security measures are five times more likely to be targeted than those with some simple security in place security. At Cookes […]

Spring clean your way to a spacious home

Posted on April 10th, 2017

There are a few things we British find synonymous with spring – lighter evenings, lambs running through the fields, the drenching of an April shower – and of course, the spring clean. There is nothing more satisfying than a thorough spring clean – it’s a time when we open wide the windows, letting the warm sunshine […]

Is clearing out the garage the secret to marital bliss?

Posted on March 8th, 2017

What is the secret to marital bliss? It’s a question as old as – well, marriage. We all hear plenty of advice from well-intentioned family and friends on the lead up to the wedding – ‘Don’t go to sleep angry’ or ‘Make a list for household chores’. One of the common themes to marital advice […]

Top tips to decluttering your home

Posted on January 16th, 2017

If you plan to start the year with a fresh outlook, one great way to begin is to remove some of the clutter from your life. Our homes, workplace, and lives in general are filled with excesses of goods that we could honestly do without – and may be adding to the stress in our […]

Christmas Opening Hours 2016/17

Posted on December 7th, 2016

The Cookes Storage Service opening hours during the Christmas and New Year break are as follows: 23rd December – 9.00am to 5.00pm 24th December – 9.00am to 2.00pm 25th to 27th December – CLOSED 28th December – 10.00am to 3.00pm (Existing Customer Access Only) 29th December – 10.00am to 4.00pm (Existing Customer Access Only) 30th December – 10.00am to […]

How self-storage units can boost your profits this December

Posted on December 7th, 2016

Business Self Storage December has arrived, and most businesses are gearing up for the busiest few weeks of the year. The 5 weeks of the festive season can account for up to half a year’s revenue for many small retailers. With every retailer – on and offline – in competition for consumers, it’s vital that business […]

Storage that lives up to your lifestyle

Posted on November 22nd, 2016

Lifestyle Storage If you are one of the millions in the UK living in apartments or city centres, you’ll be fully aware of how important your space is. With little or no garden and likely no garage, how can you manage all of your belongings? And let’s face it, as a population we are gathering […]

Top reasons for Homeowners to use Self Storage

Posted on October 17th, 2016

Homeowners Storage Throughout our lifetimes we build up a surprising amount of belongings. Research shows that we also move an average of 8 times during the same period – meaning that every possession needs packing up and carrying with us. Or does it? The United States have been making use of Self Storage for years, with […]

Great Midlands Fun Run

Posted on June 3rd, 2016

This Sunday at 11am see’s the annual Great Midlands Fun Run which started in September 2003. Last year saw a capacity field of 7000 runners (and 87 dogs) take part raising £347,024 for charity. Cookes Furniture, our parent company, has been a longstanding key sponsor of the event and will be taking along a team of 70 runners […]

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