July 13th 2024

Sustainable Activities for Summer

You might not be able to tell right now by the slight chill in the air, but we are speeding swiftly towards the summer holidays. We’re all hoping for some sunshine, but at the same time, the unseasonal weather is a reminder of the impact climate change has on our countryside and wildlife.  With the […]

June 24th 2024

Student Storage Hacks: Tips for Uni Students

You’re leaving your student house for the summer – or maybe even planning a year of travel. There’s just one problem. You’ve got bikes, clothes, textbooks, hiking boots, TVs, pots and pans and all your other possessions, and nowhere to put them. Of course, you could pack it all up and take it back to […]

June 19th 2024

The Psychology Of Clutter

We all talk about being stressed. It’s common terminology that describes feeling overwhelmed, anxious, irritable or angry. If you ask why someone is stressed, they will likely associate it with work, or a major event such as family illness or organising a house move. However, other things can trigger feelings of stress, and our environment […]

April 22nd 2024

Top tips for Moving Home

One of the hardest parts of moving house is the packing. Let’s be real – you’ve got a mountain of possessions and it’s all got to be gathered up, put in boxes, transferred safely without breakages and unpacked again at the other end. It’s enough to put you off from moving altogether. But don’t worry […]

March 4th 2024

Advice for starting out on the property ladder

If you watch the financial news regularly, the idea of getting on to the property ladder may feel like a distant dream. But, putting aside the doom and gloom, it doesn’t have to be as daunting as you might think. Buying your first home is exciting – you just need a little preparation and you’ll […]

February 13th 2024

Tips for travelling abroad for work

So you’ve just been offered your dream job overseas, and you can’t wait to get started. But there’s something big you need to consider. What will you do with your home? Renting out your property while working abroad The obvious answer is to rent your home out. That way it’s continuing to pay for itself […]

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Excellent customer service always happy to help you move in or out. Cookes supply 3.5 – 7.5 ton vehicles to help you with your move. Removal teams are extremely efficient and reliable also the upmost respect for your furniture.


Very professional and helpful when needing to store furniture for a period of time whilst waiting for our property to become ready to move in. The storage lads were friendly and helpful when moving the furniture and took care with valuable items.


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