A storage unit is the perfect solution to tackle an overcrowded garage or shed. It’s ideal for storing your belongings when in the process of moving house, or to simply keep things safe that you don’t currently have the room for.

However, we’ve seen many of our customers really think outside the box when it comes to putting their self-storage units to good use. It seems that there are limitless ways to get the most out of this extra space. Here’s a few of our favourite ideas and concepts…

A creative studio

Perhaps you’re an artist or a creator and you just don’t have the space at home for all those important crafty supplies. A storage unit is the perfect place to transform into a creative area for you to let your talents run wild. Whether it’s painting, making jewellery or pottery – turn your storage unit into a dedicated place to focus on your craft.

At Cookes, we’ve seen many creatives do this. We have seen the likes of a wedding dress maker set-up shop in a storage unit to work on their creations. With something as intricate as this, you need the space, lighting and the environment to concentrate and our storage units lend themselves perfectly.

Teaching a craft

Ever thought about teaching others what you know? Well now you can with our flexible spaces. Whether you are a dance instructor looking for a studio or your an avid sewer looking to start a local knitting club we have a space for you!

Running your business

A self storage unit can easily transform into an office space. With everything you could need from wifi, to an onsite reception and free parking, many business owners have already tapped into this opportunity within our branches across the country.

And it’s not just businesses with offices that can do this. We’ve seen everything from hire equipment services storing stock essential to their business, tradesmen and builders who have too many tools to simply operate from a van or are worried about leaving them overnight in their vehicle, and a massage and wellness clinic carrying out their services for their customers from inside our storage units.

More personal space

Of course, it’s not just businesses that can benefit from a little extra space – we can all welcome it within our personal lives too. Perhaps you could use a storage unit for your own mini gym.

Similarly, could you dedicate your storage space to practising yoga, or another hobby that you’re passionate about? We’ve even seen someone install a half pipe in a storage unit for skateboarding, and a burlesque troupe use their unit for storing and changing into their on-stage outfits. Whatever your personal interests, a self-storage unit offers a private space to pursue these without interruption.

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