You’re leaving your student house for the summer – or maybe even planning a year of travel. There’s just one problem. You’ve got bikes, clothes, textbooks, hiking boots, TVs, pots and pans and all your other possessions, and nowhere to put them.

Of course, you could pack it all up and take it back to your parents’ garage. But if you’re a long way from home, without transport or don’t have the time to pack and carry it all before you head off for summer fun, that’s not always the easiest option.

This is when short-term self-storage units are a great solution. You’ve got the space you need – the equivalent of an extra cupboard up to a shed, or even a garage if you think you need it – with flexible contracts and plenty of security. If that sounds ideal, here are some great tips for making more of your self-storage.

Top tips for student storage

  1. Share with a friend. If you’re in between study years and staying with the same housemates next term, consider getting a storage unit together. You’ll both save on costs.
  2. Ask the storage company for advice on how much space you’ll really need. They have the expertise, after all. Remember that you need to think in terms of height as well as floor space, as you can stack your boxes up to the roof of your unit.
  3. If you’re looking for ways to save on costs, then picking the cheapest unit isn’t always the best solution, especially if it’s farther away from your rental and you need to hire a van to move your belongings. It’s an expense that you need to factor in.
  4. Ask your storage company if they offer help to collect belongings or have deals on van rental or the cost of boxes. Our box shop contains all the packaging supplies you will need to safely store your items.
  5. If you choose a self-storage provider with outdoor units, you’ll need to factor in damp and, potentially, rodents as part of your packing plan. Indoor facilities should be dry and rodent-free.
  6. Pack carefully, so nothing is damaged in transit. Clothes and shoes should be clean and dry, kitchen items may need to be bubble-wrapped and most storage companies won’t allow food items. In outdoor units, pack fabrics in plastic containers to keep rodents out.
  7. As you stack your items in storage, place the heavier items at the bottom. Although cardboard boxes may seem an expense, buying them from your storage company means they will be sturdy and a similar size, making it easier to stack them. Good packing and stacking make the most of the space you have available.
  8. Remember to ask about the notice period to end your storage. When you come to collect your items, ready for your new term at university, you don’t want to pay for an extra week of empty storage.

Our student self-storage options have been designed with you in mind. If you’re looking for summer storage, or something a little longer while you explore the globe, then we’ve got flexible terms at great rates. Give us a call on 0121 250 5055 or email us to find out more.