It’s spring, the weather is warming up, and we’re thinking about gardening. Well, container gardening anyway. Growing your own vegetables in containers is an easy way to get started, and there are quite a few benefits. 

Outdoor pots for growing vegetables or container gardening

You don’t need a lot of space

If you don’t have a lot of room in your garden, or only have a balcony or windowsill available, you can still grow quite a few vegetables in pots and containers. Tomatoes, for example, make a great choice. You can even grow some varieties in hanging pots, so there’s no need to use valuable floor space.

There’s more room for choice

Different vegetables grow best in different soil types. By keeping them in containers you can grow them right next to each other without difficulty. 

Pain-free and hassle-free gardening

If the thing that puts you off gardening is all the weeding and heavy lifting, you’ll like container gardening. There’s very little weeding to do, and no heavy digging over of beds. Just put in your fresh soil, add seeds and away you go. 

Colourful plants on steps in pots

Vegetables can be colourful too

Vegetables can bring plenty of bright colours to your balcony space, if you wanted something cheerful as well as tasty. Vegetable plants can have pretty flowers on them, which will then grow into colourful veg such as red peppers and yellow sweetcorn. 

You don’t have to worry about pests

Once the slugs and pests find a vegetable bed it’s hard work getting rid of them again. Protecting your container pots is far easier. Firstly, they won’t come under attack from beneath the soil. And the chances of pests finding your pots on the windowsill is much lower. If they do manage to get to your plants though, removing an infected container from the vicinity of the others, or netting it, is far easier. 

Plants make your home brighter and healthier

As you probably already know, plants in your home also add more oxygen to the air, making your home healthier. When you are indoors a lot, some plants can do a lot to add a pleasant smell, improve your air quality and help you feel more cheerful. 

Buckets of vegetable plants

Recycle and repurpose your containers

Although some vegetables like a deeper pot – carrots will grow best when they have more depth – you don’t have to go out looking for specific planters. If you’re spending some time this spring decluttering your home, you may well have a few things you could use as pots. All you need is something that will hold soil and drain well – serving dishes, tyres, or the drawers from an old cupboard, for example.

The whole family can help

If you need an activity to keep the children entertained, container planting is something they can help with. It doubles up as an educational activity and, once the veg have grown, they can enjoy eating them straight off the plant. 

After all your planting and watering, you’ll have some lovely vegetables to enjoy in just a few months.