We love to collect things. Whether it’s nostalgia for a particular period of time, a habit carried on from childhood or purely as an investment for the future, people build up vast amounts of items. 

The choice of what to collect is limitless. From rocks to coins, stamps to artwork, toys to shoes, a collection can be anything that catches your eye, and the most seemingly unusual thing can turn out to have great value to a fellow collector. Just last month, a collection of Pokemon cards was sold by a Midlands auction house for £25,000. If you are amassing a quantity of potential investments, it’s important you keep them stored and cared for in pristine condition.

Of course, we can’t all afford to build a large collection of diamonds or works of arts. But, if you do want to start a collection, here are some of the most popular choices. 

Stamp collection with magnifying glass, shallow depth of field

Comic Books

Children have been reading and collecting comic books for generations, and the majority of them may not have much individual worth. However, when you do have one that’s rare, vintage or unique in some way, it’s value may be dependent on how well cared for it is. No coffee rings or torn pages please. Comic books are often stored in individual plastic covers and in watertight boxes, laid flat to avoid sagging and bending the spines.


It may seem old fashioned, but stamp collecting remains a very popular pastime. An avid collector enjoys not just the stamps, but the history that comes with them. However, it’s important to care for them. We’ve all heard stories of very old stamps with minor printing issues selling for lots of money, but there are also horror stories of them losing value after being damaged. Stamps need to be carefully stored in dry, dark storage where they are safe from water and light damage. 

Trading Cards

As with the previously mentioned Pokemon cards, trading cards can have immense value to collectors around the world. There are sets of cards for all interests, from cars to sporting heroes, comic characters to Disney. If you have favourite cards you like to look at regularly, you can place them in purpose built sleeves. For large collections, carefully organised storage boxes make a simple way to keep them tidy. 


While most of us enjoy a glass of wine and appreciate a good bottle, some do take it to the next level and build a collection of valuable wines. When you want to start wine collecting, storage is one of the most important things. You can create a wine cellar in your own home by picking a spot that dark and cool most of the time, such as a cellar or cupboard. However, ideally it also needs to be kept at an even temperature if possible, and that’s difficult to do in our modern, centrally heated homes. If you are entering into collecting seriously, you may want to consider an indoor self-storage unit where temperatures fluctuate far less. 

Rare Books

We do love a good story and have bookshelves full in our homes. But collecting valuable and rare books can be an exciting hobby, starting with the fun of hunting down a rare first edition. Your collection doesn’t have to start with a dusty and ancient text squirreled away in a second hand bookshop – a first edition Harry Potter is worth a considerable amount. 

When your collection takes the step from simple hobby to expensive and valuable, or from a single shelf to filling a room, it may be time to consider a self-storage unit. With your own unit, specially designated space for your collection, you have all the room you need to store everything carefully – and expand it as much as you want to.