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Moving this summer but stuck in a nightmare housing chain? Here are some stress free options to moving that won’t break the bank!

We all know there are some life events that can be stressful. From beginning a new job, to starting a family and then, of course, getting married. But near the top of that list has to be moving home.

It can be a bit of a pain at most, and a complete nightmare at worst – where every step you take to get a new roof over your head feels like climbing a mountain, and you need nerves of steel to survive it.

Stuck in a house moving chain

A friend of mine a few years ago got stuck near the bottom in a chain of 10 buyers. In the end she just had to pull out because she felt stuck, and she missed out on the house of her dreams. When I asked her why she couldn’t wait, she said she didn’t want the stress of moving anymore. The thought of being forced to move out, before she had a place to move into, was too much and all her ‘stuff’ was weighing her down to move easily.

Which, when you think about it, is crazy. You are all moving in the same direction, like a traffic jam on the motorway. Everyone wants to move somewhere else, everyone has furniture and jobs and lives, so why does it feel like you are stuck?

Sometimes you just have to come up with a smarter way to do it and make sure its stress free.

Smarter ways to move house

Summer is a particular busy time for estate agents and house movers. But it’s a little known fact that storage companies are also playing their part in helping people move easily.

For people stuck in that housing chain, one simple option is to put your bulky goods, beds, and wardrobes into storage and then rent a smaller property for six months so you know everything is ready to go. You have the freedom to know what you are doing and where you’ll be, and get rid of some of the moving stress.

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Make downsizing your home easier

Keeping your stuff in storage also gives you a bit of time to breath. If you just feel you have to work out the logistics of where everything should go within your new home before you’re surrounded by boxes, keep it in storage. If you’re downsizing, but still can’t bear to get rid of certain pieces of furniture, keep them in storage. Not only is it safe and secure, but unlike lending it to a friend or family member, or storing it in the garden shed, there is very little chance of it getting damp, broken, lost or stolen. 

Use a removals team to make moving simple

Then, when it does come to carrying your furniture about, one of the most stress free options (which, coincidentally my friend did eventually do), is to get some outside help in.

While many of us rely on friends and neighbours and our own sheer stubbornness to move house, that’s a lot of favours, and muscles, to pull on the way. So take the strain off the move, and your friendships, and hire in a reputable removals team to help. That way, your belongings, and you, can move from storage to your lovely new home in style while taking the strain out of one of the most stressful life events we know.

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