When we opened the first Cookes Storage Service in Sutton Coldfield we knew that we wanted to build strong relationships with our local community. We are, after all, part of Cookes Furniture, a family-owned business established in 1946. We know that family – local and business – is important. 

Now, eight years later, we’re proud of all we’ve accomplished. But as it’s been a while since we introduced ourselves, we thought it was time for a catch up. 

About Cookes Storage Sutton Coldfield

Where are we? We’re located just off the Kingsbury Road in Minworth, which makes us very easily accessible. We’re also lucky enough to be right next to the Plantsbrook Nature Reserve, a beautiful local resource. The reserve is 26 acres, most of which is taken up by ponds. There is a wildflower meadow and small woodland, and the whole reserve is buzzing with wildlife. It’s a great place for locals to visit and relax, and for school children to explore with rangers or teachers to learn more about wildlife and the natural environment. 

When you visit us, you’ll find our car park right in front of the doors with handily placed trolleys to help you unload and take your boxes and furniture to your own secure unit. We are always ready to welcome you with a cuppa and talk you through any questions about renting your unit you might have. 

Supporting business growth in Sutton Coldfield

Come into the reception, and you’ll be greeted by our manager, Debbie, or one of the team. Debbie is also our business liaison and spends time meeting with owners and entrepreneurs who are exploring the benefits of a storage unit to grow their business. We are active in supporting growth in the area and offer discounts for local businesses. We are also active in networking groups which means we can promote our customers as well as ourselves while we’re out and about. 

We know that business growth in the area helps us all, so we’re always ready to go one step further. As well as self-storage space, we provide a door-to-door service. So, if you need to move your office furniture into storage while you renovate, or preserve files in your secure unit for record-keeping, we can collect and move your items into your locker for you, saving you valuable time.

Our contracts are flexible too, which means your unit size can grow with your business. That means you don’t have to pay for space you aren’t using, and if you just need short-term options for seasonal use, we can help there as well.

Extra services in the community

Cookes are not just here for local businesses. We are proud of our record for supporting the local community too. Over the years we’ve been active in supporting charities. We provide short term services for some, such as acting as a drop box for Toys 4 Tots, providing boxes for annual YMCA sleep outs or donating space for hedgehog rescue. 

We’ve also been long term supporters of other local charities, such as Buddy Bag Foundation and Variety Club Children’s Charity. The wider Cookes Furniture family have been taking part in the Royal Sutton Fun Run for years. 

We are firm believers of giving back to the community that we are part of. That’s why we also offer a one-hour free collection to anyone within a 5-mile radius of B76. If this is something you think would help you, please get in touch to find out more

We hope that gives you a little more insight into who we are. As part of the Cookes Furniture family, we’re a name you can trust. We’d love to meet you too. Just drop in, and we’ll tell you more about how you can make the most of a little extra space for your home or business. 

Beautiful Stratford-upon-Avon is a known for its fabulous views, a charming town centre and, of course, its theatre. It’s built on history and tourism. But, what keeps it thriving is the multitude of businesses, small, independent and high street brands, that keep the streets vibrant and commerce flowing. 

Our own business, Cookes Storage Service, opened here around five months ago. We’re a family-ownedbusiness started by Cookes Furniture, which has over 75 years of experience in exceptional customer service. And, as a family business we know the importance of being part of the community. So, we’ve taken time to get to know exactly how we can be part of Stratford-upon-Avon, and how we can give back as well. 

The face of Cookes in Stratford-upon-Avon

It’s important to us that when you come into our self-storage facility, for a look about or to pop into your own unit, you’re greeted by a welcoming face. Those faces are likely to be either Louise, our site manager, or Carl, our sales assistant. 

Our team are ready to answer all your questions about self-storage and our flexible contracts. The most common question has to be “Which size unit will I need?”. We do have a handy guide on our website, but we are always up for the challenge of a little mental maths as we help you calculate square feet. We’re also pretty good at advising you on packing, so you can maximise on your space by safely piling things up as well as around your unit. 

Cookes in the community

We love being involved in the town. It’s our home as well as place of business. Cookes is a proud member of the Stratford-upon-Avon BID, which allows us to be a visible part of the community. We work alongsideother businesses to support initiatives and events that bring in visitors and keep our town buzzing. 

We are also members of the Chamber of Commerce, which is another great way for us to meet local business owners and find ways to work together. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the local economy, and we are always keen to help them out. 

Self-storage offers so much potential for a small business. Being a secure facility means we are a far better option that your garden shed or commercial van for keeping all your tools and equipment safe, or as a spare room to keep boxes of stock out of the way of your family. Open your own small storage unit and you’ve got a home for your business that’s cost effective and closes when you want it to. 

That’s why we offer 10% off the original quotation if you are a local business. Just come on in to find out more. 

Supporting local charity

Cookes is also committed to supporting local charities. Since they opened in 2015 our sister store in Sutton Coldfield has been helping charities in the Midlands by collecting funds, offering discounted storage space or acting as a drop zone for seasonal donations. 

Now it’s our turn to help charities here in Stratford. We’ve recently provided discounted space to a charity after their own building was knocked down. But we know we can do more. So, if you are a local charity that needs a helping hand, please get in touch to see whether we can help. We consider every request.

Proud to be part of the Cookes family

We have very much enjoyed settling in over the last five months. We’ve been welcomed by the local community with open arms, and we can’t wait to be more involved. So, whether you’re a business in need of a home, a family in need of a spare shed, or just moving home, we have a solution for you. Give us a call. We’re here to help you.

A storage unit is the perfect solution to tackle an overcrowded garage or shed. It’s ideal for storing your belongings when in the process of moving house, or to simply keep things safe that you don’t currently have the room for.

However, we’ve seen many of our customers really think outside the box when it comes to putting their self-storage units to good use. It seems that there are limitless ways to get the most out of this extra space. Here’s a few of our favourite ideas and concepts…

A creative studio

Perhaps you’re an artist or a creator and you just don’t have the space at home for all those important crafty supplies. A storage unit is the perfect place to transform into a creative area for you to let your talents run wild. Whether it’s painting, making jewellery or pottery – turn your storage unit into a dedicated place to focus on your craft.

At Cookes, we’ve seen many creatives do this. We have seen the likes of a wedding dress maker set-up shop in a storage unit to work on their creations. With something as intricate as this, you need the space, lighting and the environment to concentrate and our storage units lend themselves perfectly.

Teaching a craft

Ever thought about teaching others what you know? Well now you can with our flexible spaces. Whether you are a dance instructor looking for a studio or your an avid sewer looking to start a local knitting club we have a space for you!

Running your business

A self storage unit can easily transform into an office space. With everything you could need from wifi, to an onsite reception and free parking, many business owners have already tapped into this opportunity within our branches across the country.

And it’s not just businesses with offices that can do this. We’ve seen everything from hire equipment services storing stock essential to their business, tradesmen and builders who have too many tools to simply operate from a van or are worried about leaving them overnight in their vehicle, and a massage and wellness clinic carrying out their services for their customers from inside our storage units.

More personal space

Of course, it’s not just businesses that can benefit from a little extra space – we can all welcome it within our personal lives too. Perhaps you could use a storage unit for your own mini gym.

Similarly, could you dedicate your storage space to practising yoga, or another hobby that you’re passionate about? We’ve even seen someone install a half pipe in a storage unit for skateboarding, and a burlesque troupe use their unit for storing and changing into their on-stage outfits. Whatever your personal interests, a self-storage unit offers a private space to pursue these without interruption.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help find a space for you!

For more information, call us on 0121 250 5055 or email us atinfo@cookesstorage.co.uk

We love to collect things. Whether it’s nostalgia for a particular period of time, a habit carried on from childhood or purely as an investment for the future, people build up vast amounts of items. 

The choice of what to collect is limitless. From rocks to coins, stamps to artwork, toys to shoes, a collection can be anything that catches your eye, and the most seemingly unusual thing can turn out to have great value to a fellow collector. Just last month, a collection of Pokemon cards was sold by a Midlands auction house for £25,000. If you are amassing a quantity of potential investments, it’s important you keep them stored and cared for in pristine condition.

Of course, we can’t all afford to build a large collection of diamonds or works of arts. But, if you do want to start a collection, here are some of the most popular choices. 

Stamp collection with magnifying glass, shallow depth of field

Comic Books

Children have been reading and collecting comic books for generations, and the majority of them may not have much individual worth. However, when you do have one that’s rare, vintage or unique in some way, it’s value may be dependent on how well cared for it is. No coffee rings or torn pages please. Comic books are often stored in individual plastic covers and in watertight boxes, laid flat to avoid sagging and bending the spines.


It may seem old fashioned, but stamp collecting remains a very popular pastime. An avid collector enjoys not just the stamps, but the history that comes with them. However, it’s important to care for them. We’ve all heard stories of very old stamps with minor printing issues selling for lots of money, but there are also horror stories of them losing value after being damaged. Stamps need to be carefully stored in dry, dark storage where they are safe from water and light damage. 

Trading Cards

As with the previously mentioned Pokemon cards, trading cards can have immense value to collectors around the world. There are sets of cards for all interests, from cars to sporting heroes, comic characters to Disney. If you have favourite cards you like to look at regularly, you can place them in purpose built sleeves. For large collections, carefully organised storage boxes make a simple way to keep them tidy. 


While most of us enjoy a glass of wine and appreciate a good bottle, some do take it to the next level and build a collection of valuable wines. When you want to start wine collecting, storage is one of the most important things. You can create a wine cellar in your own home by picking a spot that dark and cool most of the time, such as a cellar or cupboard. However, ideally it also needs to be kept at an even temperature if possible, and that’s difficult to do in our modern, centrally heated homes. If you are entering into collecting seriously, you may want to consider an indoor self-storage unit where temperatures fluctuate far less. 

Rare Books

We do love a good story and have bookshelves full in our homes. But collecting valuable and rare books can be an exciting hobby, starting with the fun of hunting down a rare first edition. Your collection doesn’t have to start with a dusty and ancient text squirreled away in a second hand bookshop – a first edition Harry Potter is worth a considerable amount. 

When your collection takes the step from simple hobby to expensive and valuable, or from a single shelf to filling a room, it may be time to consider a self-storage unit. With your own unit, specially designated space for your collection, you have all the room you need to store everything carefully – and expand it as much as you want to. 

As every parent knows, keeping a child’s room tidy is a futile task. Toys for younger children seem to consist of hundreds of plastic pieces, which get smaller as your child gets bigger. Art supplies, books, soft toys – everything soon spreads across the room, and as they approach their teens you can add in clothes and accessories too.

 However, there are some great storage solutions to help you keep things under control, as much as possible, no matter the size of your bedrooms.

Childs bedroom

Storage beds

Storage beds are a brilliant way of maximising on the space in your child’s bedroom. Mid-sleepers are slightly higher than a normal divan, with drawers and cupboards underneath. High-sleepers can be a great option for older children, with space for a desk and wardrobe.

Plenty of room for baskets

When your child loves small cars or little ponies you can soon build up a large collection. Providing your child with baskets gives them an easy way to tidy up quickly and keep things organised – they can carry the basket about while they play, and put it away easily.

Paintbrushes in jam jar storage

Jars for small items

When you have a little artist in the family you’ll have crayons, paint brushes and pencils everywhere. Keep a selection of jam jars available as fantastic pot holders. They can also be a good place to keep small pieces of toys you tread on and just can’t place.

Don’t forget the shelves

Books, ornaments, the little craft projects they make at school – everything needs a home. Floating shelves are an easy way to utilise awkward and high wall spaces for a bit more storage.

Add a space for creativity

Children of all ages love to be creative – a corner of the room for an easel or a space for a desk. There’s room for artwork and homework, inventions and writing stories, and as they get older, a space for laptops.

Box shelf storage and art in childrens room
Playroom interior. 3d render.

Box shelf storage is very versatile

Box shelf storage has become very popular in recent years, not least as it’s very easily available in flat pack from local furniture providers. It can be adapted with doors, boxes and shelf dividers – and comes in a variety of colours to add personality to your room.

Remember something for the laundry

Kids can start learning to tidy up their own space at any age. Adding a fun laundry basket to their room helps to create habits of picking their dirty clothes off the floor – although actually hanging things up make take a little more incentive.

Drawers are not just for clothes

If you like to keep things out of sight, then a chest of drawers doesn’t just have to be for clothes. Consider placing a couple of units next to each other – with some drawers for t-shirts and others for board games. The perfect solution.

Adding storage to your child’s room might provide a home for everything they love. Sadly we cannot make sure they actually use it to keep things tidy though.

A man in Banners Gate who started a small business from home eight years ago has recently secured a massive contract with Halfords Auto Centres, providing 450 branches around the UK with roller shutters, industrial doors, and door systems.

Currently employing 25 local people in a business worth more than £3.5 million, Paul Campbell (52), together with fellow director, Steve Bendon (55), and sons Ryan (23) and Thomas (20), now heads a group of complementary companies alongside the Wellingborough Door Company (WDC) including WDC Service Solutions, WDC Property Solutions and Architectural Glazing Services.  The group works nationwide for blue chip operators including Holiday Inn, Screwfix, Bensons, Argos, and Tool Station.

Said Paul: “I branched out on my own in 2011, having been in the door access and security business since leaving school at 16. Working from home gave us a great start, but the catalyst to our exponential growth rests on our decision to rent office and stock space in a self storage unit in Maybrook Business Park. The move into Cookes Storage Service has given us the flexibility to scale up and, equally importantly, scale back according to the fluctuating needs of the business. It has proved to be one of the most astute and cost-effective business decisions we have made.”

WDC is not alone in recognising the commercial benefits of working from a self storage unit, as Rennie Schafer, chief executive of the Self Storage Association UK (SSA UK), explained: “There are currently almost 1 million businesses using self storage across the UK. Over 600,000 of these consider their self storage unit a crucial part of their enterprise.  While some use self storage to store stock or archive materials, we are finding that more and more entrepreneurs and business owners are now choosing to run their entire operation from within their storage space creating local employment for their growing businesses.”

Cookes Storage Service is the latest business initiative from parent company Cookes Furniture. Retailing in the area for more than 70 years, Cookes first ventured into the self storage industry at the end of 2015, creating 97 units in a former furniture warehouse.  Since then, demand has outstripped supply and the company has steadily increased its initial 7000 sq ft offer to more than 26, 589 sq ft.

Said Andrew Davies, director of Cookes Storage Service: “Nationwide, it is estimated that up to half of the 45 million sq ft self storage provision is used by businesses, creating new jobs, boosting the local economy, and underpinning future investment potential. Self storage facilities are increasingly becoming hubs for business incubation and expansion, alongside their more traditional use as secure places to store personal belongings.”