If you are an SME, you might not think self-storage will help your business. You might be renting office space in the centre of Birmingham, running your own shop in Sutton Coldfield, or working directly from your home office. No matter the size of your business, we’re certain we have a storage solution for you.

Business meeting with lots of poeple round small table

Self-storage benefits for Birmingham businesses

When you are already paying inner-city rates for your office space in Birmingham, you probably value every square inch. You need enough room for offices for your team, somewhere for them to relax on a break and a spacious meeting room for clients and conference calls.

What you don’t want to do is pay premium rates to turn a room into a store cupboard, or fill with unused furniture. After all, that room could be just what you need for another member of the team.

Self-storage units are a good place to store all your spare office furniture. Even better, they make the perfect solution if you need to archive files and files of paperwork. Here’s why.

At Cookes Storage in Sutton Coldfield we have archiving solutions ready for every business. We can provide racking and strong boxes. We’ll even provide a free collection service to come and collect those full boxes for you, and put them in your unit.

In addition, our units come in various sizes so you don’t pay for more space than you need, they are completely secure and indoors, so there is no risk of damp. What’s more, being outside of Birmingham city centre, our prices are highly competitive so you’ll save money on your floor space.

Couple of small business owners running a bookshop
Couple running bookshop

Self-storage benefits for retailers and shop owners

A big issue for retailers and shop owners in Sutton Coldfield is space. You need as much room as possible to display your products so that customers can see them easily – which means you don’t want to be using any more than necessary for storing stock.

Of course, there are ways you can maximise your own back rooms – stacking your boxes high, using corridors as extra storage – but that has its own problems. Piles of boxes blocking your corridors is a health and safety hazard waiting to happen – not a great way of caring for yourself or your employees. Stacking boxes also means you’ll struggle to find stock fast, and you are more likely to take losses due to damages.

At Cookes Storage we offer flexible contracts, designed to support businesses. That means you can rent a small unit for your slow-selling stock, keeping it safe, dry and undamaged until you need it.

Then, when you need more room for seasonal items or high turnover items, you can just increase the size of your unit short-term. The great thing is that we are easily accessible, so we’re not far away when you need to just pop in for a quick shelf refill.

Stallholders and crafters setting up at event

Self-storage benefits for sole traders and small businesses

Working from home sounds great. You can get up in the morning and be at work without spending hours in traffic jams. You can take a break in the day to walk the dog, and carry on later. You can be home for deliveries and repairmen.

The problem with working from home is that you can never quite switch off, and as your business grows it takes over more and more of your family space.

A self-storage unit can be the equivalent of a spare cupboard – giving you just enough space to store files, samples and stock, keeping it out of family life. A larger unit – the size of your garden shed – can give you space for stock and your event equipment.

If you are a stallholder and visit plenty of outdoor markets or local events, then you’ll need somewhere to keep your gazebo, tables, banners, baskets, displays and products. At Cookes Storage we support local small businesses in the community. We’re on hand to help you find the best solution for you to grow.

No matter the size of your business, we’re here to support you. Call today on 0121 250 5055

A fresh new year stretches ahead, full of possibility. Are you looking at the next 12 months with excitement – or are you still in recovery from a very festive end to 2019?

We love the start of a new year. It’s the time for fresh starts, setting goals and making plans. But first, we do have to get through the frosty cold winds of January. So what can you do to make the winter whistle by?

One of the best ways to lift your mood in the winter is to make the space around you as inviting as possible. There’s nothing more depressing than spending your working day in a dirty, cluttered space. So, here are some top tips for making more of your work environment.

Growing your business

Now is the time for many business owners to start thinking about their business plans for the next quarter at least – and most likely that will involve some sort of expansion. Are you taking on new staff, planning to open a second office or looking at a new approach to marketing?

One thing all businesses need is a bit of space. If you had a bit more room in your office, what could you do with it? Add a few more desks for another desk, or create a vibrant meeting space to wow your clients? It’s time for a bit of a clear out, and to consider whether you are really making the best use of your floor space.

Declutter your mind, and your space

A tidy work environment can help your creativity. Over time we collect plenty of excess clutter – on our desks and around the edges of the office. Have you still got promotional material lying about from last year’s offers, or old and broken computers piled up in the corner, waiting for someone to do something with them.

A nice clean workspace is not only inviting, but it can lift our mood. Clear out the debris from last year and be ruthless with the paperwork piling up. If you really need to keep old files, but don’t need them to hand, then consider archiving storage solutions. Our own units come prepared with racking and collection options, so all you need to do is fill your boxes.

Redecorate and revitalise your mind

If you want to go all the way, how about a completely fresh look in your office. There is a lot said about the way colour affects mood. Blue colours promote concentration, while yellow will create positivity and happiness. Green is a calming, balanced colour, great for an office where you work long hours, while red is an exciting colour to use in a busy, more physical workplace.

The easiest way to get your new look is to move all the furniture out of the way and into a temporary self-storage unit. Then the decorators can get in quickly, and give the whole space a fresh lick of paint.

When you bring the desks back into the space, consider rearranging things so that you have a nice view out of the window, or make the most of the natural light. Bring in some greenery in with lovely plants; not only do they brighten the room, they add oxygen to the air, helping to keep your teams alert.

Create a fun space

All work and no rest makes all your staff a little grumpy. A great way to boost morale in your office is to show them how much you value them. A new coffee machine may be a good start, but how about creating a cheerful and relaxing corner where they can take a break, have a gossip and bond a little. Not every office has space for a pool table – but some comfy sofas make a great start.

If you want some help in revitalising your work place, we are on hand to share our space with you. From short-term storage for your redecoration to secure storage for your business archiving, we have plenty of ways to help. Call today on 0121 250 5055 to see how much space you need.

It may have started in America, but as with many things, self-storage is rapidly becoming more popular in the UK. More and more storage providers are opening for business and, according to the SSAUK, approximately 13% of households have used self-storage at some point.

With increasing numbers of homeowners and commercial businesses turning to self-storage as a simple and cost-effective solution to their storage needs, here’s a look at some of the more common reasons they do.

New babys bedroom

More bedrooms in the home

If you are expecting a new baby, you’ll need to turn your home office into a safe haven for tiny fingers. But you won’t want to get rid of the existing furniture – before long your baby will be moving back into big sized beds and wanting desks of their own.

Home office to work office

Talking of your home office, as your business expands you don’t want to keep boxes of stock in your house and taking over your hallways. The downside of working from home is that you can never quite escape it – but having a small office set up in your own storage unit keeps costs down, and your home life separate.

Moving house

When you are moving home a temporary bit of storage can come in useful. Declutter your current home and stage it for a quick sale, or store all your excess stuff until you are settled in to your new home and you’re ready to unpack at leisure.

Couple Unpacking Moving In Boxes From Removal Truck

A secure place for your tools

If your business depends on your equipment, it’s vital that you keep it safe and secure. Keeping tools in your van is risky, when one burglary later and you have not only lost expensive gear, you may well lose a few days work as well. Keeping tools in self-storage gives you a well-protected lock up and a place to repair, clean and maintain your tools as well.

Merging homes

You may be moving in with your partner, or your elderly relatives may be moving in with you. Either way, that’s two houses full of furniture, beds, kitchen utensils, plates, books, and bedding that need sorting through and thinning out. Using self-storage to keep things in means you don’t have to get rid of anything you love but have no space for, and you can take your time in dealing with the rest to get the best deals.

Seasonal storage

There are certain times of the year when you need to boost your stock – Christmas being the obvious one. Making sure you are ready for seasonal sales means ordering in additional products. With more room you can get more than you need, so you don’t have to turn down sales. Short term storage contracts make the perfect solution – your home or shop remains uncluttered, and your boxes don’t get crushed and damaged in small spaces.

Renovating and rebuilding garage in home

Renovating your home or office

From simple redecorating to knocking down walls and remodelling rooms, renovating always creates a lot more mess than you expect. Move all your furniture or important office equipment out of the way for the duration, and you’ll avoid paint on your sofa or damage to your printer.

At Cookes Storage our units are available in a variety of sizes and with short and long term flexible contracts, so that you only pay for the space you need, for as long as you need it. With CCTV, PIN code entry and indoor units, you have all the security and protection you need to keep your stuff dry, safe and secure.

If you haven’t considered self-storage until now, let’s talk. We have all the space you need.

Online business seller working from home in the christmas season

Christmas is coming – in fact, as a business owner you are already thinking ahead and preparing for it. If you sell products, you’re probably already waist high in boxes of stock. But why are you cramming it into your shop already, when we have another solution?

There are a number of benefits of using self-storage for your seasonal stock – both for your own peace of mind, and to help you maximise your profits this festive season.

More space means more Christmas stock

Christmas may be your busiest time of year, and you really want to maximise on profit. How frustrating is it to run out of your top-selling products and see your competitors taking your sales?

With a self-storage unit you can order in plenty of extra stock so that you know you have enough to make every customer happy. With a range of unit sizes, we have all the space you need – your very own warehouse, making your online shop as large as any major retailer.

Warehouse working checking orders before shipping

The season of peace and goodwill for online sellers

Christmas is a time of peace and goodwill – when our homes fill up with extra family coming to stay, overexcited children home from school and furniture squashed to one side to make way for a twinkling tree.

If you are an online retailer working from home, the last thing you need at Christmas is to fill the spare room and hallway with giant boxes. Keep the peace and goodwill at home by moving your stock out.

Health and Safety at work

It’s not necessarily the first thing you think of when you’re ordering in your stock, but it has to go somewhere. If you have a high street shop, with customers browsing your shelves out front and staff filling orders in the back, you don’t want to risk hurting anyone from an overbalanced avalanche of boxes.

Keep your passageways clear and your fires doors accessible, your staff room clear and your shop spacious, with a second storeroom.

shop owner in front of store silled with seasonal christmas stock

Avoid negative reviews and fill more orders

With so much extra stock to shift it’s not surprising things get misplaced. The competition for online retailers is fierce, with negative reviews doing a lot of damage to your sales. Customers want to know their purchases will be posted quickly, and that you have everything in stock as they buy it.

With extra space in your self-storage unit, you can place boxes of stock on racking – which we can supply – so that your products are easy to find, organised, and less likely to be damaged or crushed by the boxes on top.

You’ll be able to keep track of your stock, find and ship it quickly and keep your positive reviews coming in.

A cost-effective expansion for your business

There are plenty of benefits to self-storage contracts with Cookes. Our contracts are flexible and we offer great rates for short-term contracts – so you get seasonal space without long-term tie-ins.

Our CCTV and PIN coded access give you the extra security you need to be sure your additional seasonal stock won’t attract the wrong attention.

Our storage units are indoors – dry, clean and ready-prepared with racking if you need it.

We’ll even come and get your stock for you, saving you transport from your shop to your storage unit. And once you are set up, you can have new orders delivered directly to your unit.

Once in your unit, all you need to do is bring along the orders to create your own packing and distribution warehouse – just until the festive frenzy is over and you’re ready for the January sales.

If you need seasonal self-storage, call Cookes Storage today on 0121 250 5055. Our team have the space solutions you need.

modern office interior

Did you start off 2019 with plenty of good intentions?

You probably meant to work smarter, be more focused and pro-active, set goals and so on. Here we are, one month in, and all that positive mindset is waning away in the harsh light of wintery mornings and traffic jams.

It’s difficult to be focused if your work environment is not inviting. It’s time to stand still, take a look around you and think, what can you do to make your office a nicer place to be?

Declutter your workspace

Let’s take a look at your desk first. You probably spend more time here than you do in your own living room – but you don’t have dirty cup rings on your coffee table, or pens, staples and paper clips littering the floor at home, do you?

Invest in some funky desk tidies and some bright coloured note pads. There’s a reason why so many people love stationery – it just helps you feel organised and inspired to achieve things. Introducing some order to your desk will make you feel more in control of your space.

messy office and desk

Hygiene is important too

Whether your office is lucky enough to have a cleaner or not, there are still plenty of places they miss – including your keyboard and telephone. We don’t want to freak you out, but your keyboard can hold more germs than a toilet seat. Just think of all the crumbs you drop on there and the things your fingers hold and touch before you start tapping away, and you’ll have the wet wipes out in no time.

Give your telephone a wipe too, particularly on the mouthpiece; polish your computer screen and wipe over the desk. You’re already finding your work space a little more welcoming.

Work with a view

Now your desk is nice and tidy, take a look around the room itself. You might not have a huge amount of control over your environment, but we’re sure there are some simple things you can do to cheer the place up. If you’re looking at a wall, pop up some inspirational posters. Tidy your notice board, taking down the information about last year’s Christmas party.

Plants are a lovey way to brighten up your office space – and they have the benefit of adding more oxygen to the room, which improves your concentration. But if you are not green fingered, even some artificial plants can add colour.

worker moving boxes on a trolley

Make space with archiving

Take a look at how the space in your office is used. Open plan offices tend to be a little tidier, as you need to keep pathways clear, but old computer parts, spare chairs and marketing banners still build up around the edges. That’s the sort of thing that can go into storage until you need it.

As for paperwork – well, that’s the bane of every modern office. It starts with one file tidied to the top of a cabinet, and before you know it that file has grown into a pile that leans like the Tower in Pisa. Stacks of paper multiply overnight in the corners and begin creeping their way off shelves and onto the floor.

Do you really need all that paperwork? In many cases you have to keep documents, particularly if your industry requires storing customer data for any length of time – but you don’t actually need it to hand. So, consider archiving options.

All you need is some nice strong boxes, some sort of numbering system, and a handy collection service with a strong back and a van, ready to transport it from your office to your very own indoor, prepared secure storage unit.

Make the most of your office space

Now that’s all out of the way, look at the wonderful space you have left. There’s enough room for a comfy sofa, or a new coffee machine. You could fit in a meeting space for clients – or how about a table football game for the team.

Don’t languish away in an unwelcoming office – we’re right here with our strong backs AND IN-HOUSE COLLECTION TEAM, ready to help you make your space work better for you.


Cookes Storage team

When you look for a self-storage unit to start up your business, keep your stock or to just move your furniture into for a short time, you probably don’t think much further than the cost. But there’s more to finding the right unit that meets the eye.

If you’re familiar with the Cookes brand, you’ll know that we are a family business. After 70 years, we’re proud that the 3rd generation is now running the day-to-day operation, and you’ll often find the 4th generation visiting their parents at work whenever they can.

All of which means we’ve got a family atmosphere running through the business, including our team – and that warm, welcoming ambience becomes obvious to customers, just as soon as you walk in.

A hands-on family attitude

So what does that mean for you? Well, you’re always assured of a warm welcome, where our team are professional, but relaxed, and customer service is natural, not just terminology.

In days gone by we’d have been the first out to carry every item of your furniture into your unit for you, and although modern day regulations have restricted us, we’re still happy to offer a helping hand where we can.

family business blog

Personalised business approach

You’ll notice the difference between Cookes and other self-storage companies in everything we do. We’re not restricted by corporate culture, over-bearing behaviours passed down by a remote head office or the cold, impersonal touch of a chain.

If you’re running a business and you need something different for your unit – extra lighting maybe, a few plug sockets or something else – all you need to do is ask. Our contracts are flexible, and we can work with you to find a solution. After all, as a local business, we know the importance of community, and we’re personally interested in helping your business grow.

family business blog

We’re not 9-5

The personal touch is more than just having a coffee for you when you walk in – although we do that too. It’s about putting a name to a face and lending a helping hand. If you need an extra half hour, or have to come in early, then we can work with you to make it happen.

Community, to us, is about working together. Cookes has grown to be a recognised name in the local area, not only for our business, but by working with the people who live here. Cookes Storage is proud to carry on that name – we’ve just celebrated our 3rd birthday and we’re still growing. We’re involved in supporting charities, including the Great Midlands Fun Run, the Buddy Bag Foundation, Toys4Tots and so many more.

If you’re looking for storage – for business, for personal use, to move home or as a place to keep your stock – come down to Cookes and see the difference the family touch makes.

To all of our customers, the people we meet out and about, and to every one we’ll meet in 2019 – we wish you a very Happy New Year.